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Nqa 1 National Certification Program for Nuclear Quality Assurance Auditors NQA-1 Nuclear Lead Auditor Training Certification Program for Nuclear Quality Assurance Auditors



Thank you for your interest in the LMJ International Certification Program for Nuclear Quality Assurance (NQA-1) Auditors and Lead Auditors. To acquire certification, you will be requested to provide verifiable documentary objective evidence of the following information:

  • Education;
  • NQA-1 Lead Auditor training course certificate of successful completion;
  • Work experience in Quality Assurance, Environmental, Health & Safety, Transportation, Safeguard & Securities and/or Software Quality Assurance activities;
  • Demonstrated auditor/lead auditor experience



ASME NQA-1:2008, Requirement 2, Quality Assurance Program, Paragraph 303, Lead Auditor.


LMJ International combines these requirements with the guidance provided in NQA-1 2012 Subpart 3.1-2.2 Implementing Guidance for Part I, Requirement 2, Quality Assurance Programs, Lead Auditor Qualification. This is the exact same criteria from previous versions of NQA-1, and is by far the most widely recognized method for auditor/lead auditor qualification/certification in the nuclear industry.


The prospective Lead Auditor will demonstrate verifyable evidence that a minimum of 10 credits have been accumulated under the scoring system covering:

  • Education (4 credits maximum)
  • Experience (9 credits maximum)
  • Other credentials of professional competence (2 credits maximum)
  • Rights of Management (2 credits maximum)



Any auditor who has successfully completed an approved NQA-1 Lead Auditor Training Course will be considered eligible for application. The following course(s) are recognized within our program: 

  • The LMJ International Course No. 101, "NQA-1 / 10CFR Part 50 Appendix B Nuclear Quality Assurance Lead Auditor Certification Training."
  • An acceptable alternative will be considered if the course is specifically an NQA-1 Lead Auditor Training Course.

PLEASE NOTE: Any accredited 36 or 40 hour ISO9001 QMS Auditor/Lead Auditor Training Course IS NOT an acceptable alternative in fulfillment of the training portion requirements of this National Certification Program.


LMJ International is proud to begin our 14th year of providing qualification AND certification for both:

  • Nuclear Quality Assurance Auditor, and
  • Nuclear Quality Assurance Lead Auditor

The following standards, orders, and/or specifications will be acceptable at various levels for verifying eligibility and auditor experience and qualification requirements:

  • NQA-1 2008, NQA-1:2012, and NQA-1:2015
  • 10CFR Part 50 Appendix B
  • 10CFR 830.120
  • DOE Order 414.1D 
  • NCA-3800 and 4000
  • ISO9001 and AS9100 (non-nuclear audits)

This certification program is ideal for independent contractors who are not currently employed by an organization with an established NQA-1 Quality Assurance Program. By maintaining this independent certification, you can keep your qualifications current, and not have to go through the rigors of requalification. The up-to-date qualification records may also be "plugged in" very effectively to an existing program to allow you to participate as a contractor providing lead auditor services!



Fee for the application review, assesment, verification, and initial issuance of the Auditor/Lead Auditor Certification and supporting certificate and record card is $595.00. There is a $150.00 annual review process to update records and verify maintenance of your certification in accordance with requirements of NQA-1.


We look forward to hearing from you, and answering any questions or comments you may have.



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